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To address the challenges associated with developing unconventional resources, Cameron will present information on how its application-specific equipment and strategies can get you to production faster while helping to protect the economic viability of your unconventional project.

Speaker Bios
Thomas Roesner

Thomas Roesner, Global Business Development Manager – Surface Systems, has more than 20 years in the oil and gas industry. At Cameron, he focuses on emerging markets, knowledge and technology transfer, and commercializing new technologies for unconventional plays throughout the world.

Tariq Ahmed

Tariq Ahmed, Product Manager, Artificial Lift, has been with Cameron for two years. He has been working in the oil and gas industry for nearly nine years, and has mainly focused on the onshore artificial lift market.

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Using reliable equipment and processes is paramount to ensuring the operational safety and efficiency of offshore and deepwater projects. By attending our presentation, you can find out more about some of the key equipment and processes we offer and the reliability they provide for offshore applications.

Speaker Bios
Laura Gardner

Laura M. Gardner, Drilling Product Line Manager – Annulars and Connectors, has been with Cameron for eight years. She has worked in the oil and gas industry for 11 years, and has been focused mainly on offshore project execution and project management.

Chance Burton

Chance Burton, Worldwide Account Manager, has been with Cameron for four years. Chance has been in the industry for 10 years, starting out in project management. He has focused on drilling-related sales for the past five years.

Jason Szymanski

Jason Szymanski, Account Manager, has been with Cameron for almost nine years now. He has worked in the oil and gas industry for nearly 12 years, and has focused primarily on selling onshore pressure control products and services.

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Hydrocarbon Processing

Today, it takes a seemingly unending array of enhancement measures just to recover hydrocarbons. These measures further complicate the treatment processes that must be used to make oil and gas suitable for use by our modern world. Cameron will present its unmatched portfolio of hydrocarbon processing technologies for onshore, offshore, and subsea projects.

Speaker Bios
Alison Manfredini

Alison Manfredini, Director of Sales for Cameron's Process Systems division, has been with the company for almost 18 years. During that time, she has focused mainly on operations and project execution until January 2015 when she accepted the position of Sales Director.

John Evans

John Evans, CPS Director of Project Management for North America, joined Cameron in 2012. Prior to joining Cameron, John spent the first 10 years of his career in the solar energy and semiconductor industries, serving in a variety of roles in engineering and product management.

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Enabling Technologies

Developing the first BOP and the first subsea tree are just two on a long list of Cameron innovations that have expanded the capabilities of oil and gas energy seekers. Conference attendees can learn about our core competencies, which include valve technology, sealing, elastomers, welding, and metallurgy.

Speaker Bios
John Bartos

John Bartos, VP of Enabling Technology, has been with Cameron for nearly 15 years and has worked in the oil and gas industry for 29 years. His primary focus throughout his career has been in engineering, with particular emphasis on new product and new technology development.

Badri Mani

Badri Mani, VP of Marketing and Technology, has been with Cameron for almost 12 years. He has worked in the oil and gas industry for nearly 14 years and has focused mainly on API 6D valves within drilling and production, critical service, and pipeline applications.

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Producing fields provide operators with a distinct set of challenges: enhancing recovery, increasing reliability, ensuring HSE, and extending operating life. Cameron will present information on how its life-of-field support provides comprehensive and tailored solutions that maximize an operator’s investment through well management programs, which bring a holistic life cycle approach to asset integrity.

Speaker Bios
Nicole Simien

Nicole Simien, Senior Manager, Project Execution, CAMSHALE™ Integrated Solutions, has been with Cameron for almost 14 years. She has worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 15 years in a variety of roles, including project management, systems engineering, and operations.

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Spotlight Award

Cameron’s Mark IV high-availability (HA) control system is a 2015 recipient of OTC's Spotlight on New Technology Award.The system features the industry’s first three-point of distribution (POD) design that reduces risk of a POD-related stack pull by up to 73%. Learn more about our award-winning technology at our Offshore presentation in Booth 3317 during the show.

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