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Corporate Responsibility
All around the world, Cameron is actively involved in our employee community and those of our neighbors.
health & safety
Cameron is actively and globally involved in a duality of community: our employees, and our neighbors.

Cameron is the company it is today due in large part to our commitment to fair hiring practices and nondiscrimination. We respect everyone who represents Cameron, both internally and externally. We have formal policies in place to ensure not only the governance, ethics and compliance of our own organization, but also for all those with whom we do business.

the cameron community
The quality of our company is inextricably linked to the quality of our people. The caliber and diversity of the people of Cameron are key to the great sense of confidence and pride we have in our organization. We have a tradition of setting high standards for ourselves, and we actively recruit new employees who will do the same.

We believe in looking after our own. We provide opportunities to develop in capacities that offer variety and challenge. We offer a range of formal training experiences, including our renowned global rotational development programs, and continuous professional development through structured courses, e-learning and tuition reimbursement and support in achieving relevant professional qualifications

our global community
Cameron’s vision extends beyond our own organization, carrying the same values out into the communities in which we work. Here are just a few examples:

Technology Partnering. Cameron has developed an international network of technology partners, engaged with subject matter experts from academia, applied research and industry, enabling our technology to improve by collaborating with leading experts in specific fields of engineering and science.

Volunteerism. Volunteerism is part and parcel of Cameron corporate culture. The spirit and generosity of our employees make it happen. Long a hallmark of Cameron, volunteerism thrives today on a greater scale than ever before. Wherever we are around the globe, you will find Cameron employees donating time and expertise to help people and organizations in need.

Financial Support. In industry, we lead with quality products. We put that same value in action with consistent corporate giving. In addition, our employees step up to the plate with individual gifts to charities of their choice. A testament to our Core Values, this support demonstrates our participatory role as a leader in industry and community.