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Corporate Responsibility
Throughout our history of more than 175 years, Cameron has grown financially, responsibly and sustainably.
health & safety
Cameron has worked hard to achieve our global leadership position providing flow equipment products, systems and services to oil & gas and process industries worldwide. Our legacy spans more than 175 years.

Applying any metric, we have demonstrated consistent growth – from our financial performance, to our employee numbers, to our positive economic impact on the communities in which we do business.

by the numbers
While Cameron has experienced numerous successes, arguably the most notable has been our performance as a publicly held company since 1995. Today, our 11 business units generate annual revenues of more than $7 billion. Our ranks total more than 17,000 in over 300 locations around the globe, with more employees working outside the U.S. than domestically. As our growth continues, we remain focused on the importance of our employees and on the sustainable impact of our operations.

Cameron continues to be one of the most respected companies in our industry. Shareholders invest in us because we are committed to managing our business and being effective stewards of assets, with a long-term perspective that will carry us through difficult times. We are proud of our ability to perform in robust markets and to prove ourselves in less-than-ideal times.

Our growth is also a result of smart acquisitions and a steadfast commitment to R&D. As our customers bring us challenges for solutions that work, we respond with innovative yet practical technologies that deliver quality, reliability and performance, earning customer confidence worldwide.

Another success factor is Cameron’s Enterprise Excellence initiative. With the goal of making constant improvement in quality and productivity, Enterprise Excellence builds on Cameron’s established Lean Six Sigma methodology, tools and support to improve manufacturing and business processes company-wide.

by the numbers and beyond
Throughout our history, Cameron has grown responsibly and sustainably. We consider it a privilege and a duty to be exceptional citizens of the communities and regions in which we work.

Technology Partnering. Cameron has developed an international network of technology partners, engaged with subject matter experts from academia, applied research and industry, enabling our technology to improve by collaborating with leading experts in specific fields of engineering and science.

While expanding globally, we simultaneously invest locally in a multitude of countries worldwide – through the facilities we build, the economies we help improve and the workforces we employ.

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